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How To Design Your Living Room

Purchase Your Couch First

The couch is usually the focal point of the room. Its what your plan will build around, so invest wisely. Make sure your sofa doesn't sit too low, is too small, or too big for your space. Things to consider are:

  • Lifestyle - do you have pets or kids, how durable will it need to be. What style speaks to you?

  • Fabric

  • Budget


Furniture from one set gives any room less of an at-home feeling and more of being in a showroom. If you have to buy collections, buy two and put them together and mismatch what you can, such as lamps.

Consider Lighting

If your space is lacking in natural lighting, be sure to add a couple of lamps in. Antique light fixtures can be rewired, and it gives a great look to any room.

Use A Big Enough Rug

Having a small rug can shrink a room and damage its style. The rug should cover the whole seating area or, at the very least, the front legs of all the furniture.

Stay away from rugs that are under a 6 by 9 feet, unless you have a super small living room.

Make sure the rug style fits the rooms plan as a whole.

Mix Styles and Periods

Mixing styles from different times can make a room feel more exciting and less boring.

This is especially true when your furniture helps accentuate your homes and their differences. The differences can bring out the best in one another, bringing the room together.

Add-in Details

Leave room in your budget for smaller pieces. Such as lighting, textiles, and accessories. They pull your room together and helps avoid the showroom feel. They can also be used to add different textures and colors.

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