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10 Building Mistakes to Avoid

So you're thinking of building a new home or you're in the process of building one. This is an exciting time but overlooking a few things can turn your dream project into a living nightmare that makes you want to put your new home on the market faster than you can say welcome home. So we made a list to help you avoid that happy reading ;)!!

  1. Don't neglect to pick your A/C unit, this is one of the less exciting things no doubt but it can make a big difference in the comfort of your home. Can your HVAC unit effectively heat and cool the square footage of your new home? Talk to your home builder about their recommendations for your space.

  2. Rushing your floor plan. Your floor plan can really make or break your house is your living room hudge with a small bedroom & kitchen. Think about what you don't like in your current house and what you want.

  3. Think about your goals, are you trying for a family or will you be more interested in being a dog family in the next 10 years? Maybe consider adding a dog washing station or for a family an extra bedroom.

  4. Consider lighting, don't let your brand new house make you in need of more lamps. Make sure your space will be well lit whether that's with windows or extra lights.

  5. Consider outlets Having a good number of outlets can make your life SO much easier. Ever been in a room and you have to sit in the most awkward spot to charge your phone. Avoid that by having enough outlets and making sure they will be in a good spot and will work well with your furniture. m

  6. Laundry rooms; Do you want to lug all your up or downstairs. Put your laundry room on the same level as most of your bedrooms.

  7. Choosing a good home builder. At the end of the day, you want a company you can trust building your project. Make sure your builder is credible and has past experience. Such as Custom Integrity Homes they have over 75 years of experience on their team and gallery on their website to see their past works.

  8. Communicating with the wrong team member. Try to remember to always communicate with the project manager (PM) for building questions and changes. The subcontractors will likely not be the right person to come to. Make sure your Home Builder has an easy way to contact your PM.

  9. Second, guessing yourself, your gut is usually right and trusting it can help you prevent any regrets you have.

  10. Not considering the location. How is that area doing is it on the way up or is the neighborhood losing value by the day. Check with your builders to see which lots they think will have promising resale value in 10 years.

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Unknown member
Jul 17, 2023

A well executed interior paint job can transform a room, making it appear larger, brighter, or more cozy, depending on the chosen color scheme and painting techniques.

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