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How Prepare Your Home For Sale

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Improve to landscape

Curb appeal is the first impression for home buyers. A home with poor landscaping gives a bad impression and leaves buyers with a less favorable view.

  • Plant flowers & trees/ bushes

  • Invest in sod

  • Mow the grass

Clean Outside

Again a bad first impression is dooming, a bad outside will give buyers the impression that the inside is in disrepair.

  • Pressure wash the outside

  • Clean the gutters

  • De-weed the cracks in any concrete

Make Repairs

Take the time to make any glaring repairs to your home. No buyer wants to buy a house that they perceive as full of problems. e.g. Leaks, windows, or any other problems. Contact a remodeler & repair expert such as Custom Integrity Homes.

Make the Front Porch Inviting

Consider repainting your door with a bright color, adding a new welcome mat, and replacing the house numbers to give a fresh and inviting impression. Also,

be sure to sweep any dirt & clutter from the area.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is proven to make people feel anxious or stressed. This is the last thing you want buyers to feel during the walkthrough.

Remove the following:

  • Nick nacks

  • Trash - magazines, mail, and other objects lying around

  • Extra furniture

  • Picture Frames

  • Make sure all tables & counters are cleaned off

Open Blinds

Opening blinds & curtains makes a room feel inviting and larger.

Neutralize Smells

Put out calming air fresheners, make sure any stubborn smells are gone from the space. Remove any litter boxes or other bad-smelling items.

Clean All Surfaces

From sweeping, garages & carports to furniture and fans make sure every surface in your house is clean.

Organize Drawers & Closets

Messy storage spaces will give the appearance that your home doesn't have enough storage.

Calming Colors

Tone Down any bright wall colors in your home. E.G Lime Green, Pink these colors can turn off buyers. Paint walls a neutral color such as white. Click here to read how to pick your colors.

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- Custom Integrity Homes

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