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10 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before Building Your Home

Can you see their past works?

Look for quality, how do their pictures look? Do they work with quality materials? You

don't want to move into a house that's constantly breaking down.

Are there any restrictions on your lot?

Make sure no restrictions will conflict with your build to avoid unnecessary changes.

How is the payment schedule set up?

How does your builder collect? Do they charge bi-weekly, or once a month talk to them

to ensure you never miss a payment.

Who is in charge of getting permits?

In some cases, builders task permits to the homeowners, or you may have to sign

paperwork to allow the builder to collect permits for you.

What are your responsibilities?

Most homeowners need to pick out their colors and finishes by a specific date. Find out when your essential dates are, and discuss any paperwork you'll need to fill out.

What are the terms of your contract?

Have your home builder go the

Who is your project manager, and how do you contact them?

Your project manager is your go-to for all updates and any changes you want to make.

They are the key to your project being completely the way you want. Some builders

offer online portals so their clients can have easy access to updates, such as

What is your timeline?

Bumps and setbacks may happen, but try to get a rough estimate on your job build time. A timeline will help you prepare for the upcoming months.

When can you make changes?

Eventually, there will be a cutoff for structural changes ask your builder about this so

you can make sure you are satisfied with your floor plan.

What is their floor plan policy?

Lastly, what is their floor plan policy, will they design your build from scratch or can you only choose from plans they have on hand. If its the latter, make sure you like their floor plans before moving forward.

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