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6 Tips for Designing Your Floor Plan

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

1. Consider your budget. Your budget will determine many of the choices you will make building and design-wise.

2. Consider what you need in a house, is it extra storage in your house or a spare room for when family visits? Talk it over with your family and make a list of what you all need. What size do you need? You don't want to risk under-building or over-building. Ask yourself how many bedrooms you want, do you want walk-in closets.

3. Look at what you like. When you visit houses or see something on social media take note of what wowed you.

4. Design style. Each person has their style that's what makes a custom build. Look at your furniture and consider how it would fit best in the floor plan your considering.

5. Purchase your land before designing your floor plan. You don't what your land to be too small for your new home.

6. Energy efficiency. Try to follow the sun as it crosses your lot build in a way that is the most efficient.

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