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Adding an Accent Wall

An accent wall is exactly what it sounds like it accents a particular wall in your house.

It can be a different color or be a completely different design in terms of

color and material.

Not only is the design limitless but it is a relatively easy way to add some spice to any room.

There are six types of accent walls they are painted & textured paint, wallpaper, stickers, wall murals, and decorative wood

There are some general do's and dont's when it comes to these design pieces so to make it easier we've listed them below


1. Don't forget accent walls arent just paint. You can add shelving, wood, stone or any material to make your wall pop.

2. Don't shy away from bold colors, as long as they go with your rooms pallet it can be a refreshing look.

3. Don't think that the wall has to be big any wall can be an accent wall with the right decorating.

4. Don't underestimate wallpaper. It can give a luxury look to any room that can be swapped out without major fuss.

5. Don't over clutter your accent wall with added pieces. Let the wall draw attention by itself and avoid a cluttered look by keeping it minimal to photos & decorations.


1. Paint the accent wall a different color than the rest of your walls. Its the simplest way to add an accent wall just choose a color that will go well with your current wall color.

2. Use decoration if painting or wallpaper isn't an option having a few well-placed decorations on a wall can make it stand out.

3. Consider the theme of your house does it have bold furnishings that need a more calm accent wall or does your decor need a more lively wall to pull the look together.

4. Highlight an architectural aspect. Does your room have a fireplace or built-in shelving highlight those features will the right color & texture to make it stand out even more?

5. Use a symmetrical wall it will make the walls' overall appearance more visually pleasing.

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