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Flow Chart for Should I Move or Remodel

Deciding to move or renovate can be tricky. How in love with your house are you, which is cheaper, can a renovation solve your house's problems? Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide.


You have to think about which is more cost-effective. Does your house need a lot of work or just one room that needs an upgrade? The average cost of a remodel is $46,767 with costs ranging between $3,000 & $150,000. However, with moving you have minor repair costs & the moving fees. If you're considering a remodel some service providers can estimate your whole remodel before they even start, such as Custom Integrity Homes.

Emotional Attachment

How emotionally attached to your home are you? We often don't realize how much we like our home until we are getting ready to move. Did your husband & you get engaged while living there? Think about your emotional attachment to your home while weighing your options.

Consider What A Remodel Will Fix

Are the problems with our home fixable, or will you have to move to get the upgrades you are looking for?

Fixable with a Remodel:

  • Updating a Bathroom

  • Updating a Kitchen

  • Getting a new floor plan

  • Updated appliances

Not Fixable with a Remodel

  • Annoying Neighbors

  • A Bigger Yard

  • Getting a Garage

  • Bad School Districts/ Neighborhoods

  • Overall Square footage of your House

Pros & Cons of Remodel vs. Moving

Still Can't Decide Our Flow Chart Will Help

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