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How Big Should Your Garage Be

This article will dive into what the optimal space for your garage should be for your needs. Keep reading to see special garage options for walkways, storage & more.

A Typical 1 car garage, like the one pictured below, is 9 ft wide x 20 deep. This doesn't leave much room for extra storage but is perfect for someone who just wants to park their car.

The typical two-car garage is 20 x 20

The one shown here is a typical 20 x20 plus a 2x2 alcove to accommodate a "medium" size water heater. Alcoves are great to add to accommodate extra storage options. For more storage, you could always make your alcove larger.

The Typical three-car garage is 36 wide x 20 long

The one shown is 36 x 24. The additional 4 ft in length allows for a 4-inch tall curb that acts as a walkway and prevents bumping the wall with your car.

A curb like this one keeps cars from bumping into walls and provides a walkway.

For Garages with cabinets & another shop space

Considering a curb drop-down would be helpful for keeping vehicles from bumping into the cabinets/ benches. A typical cabinet is 24 inches (2 ft) deep. Its dimensions are 38 ft wide x 24 ft long. The extra 2 ft for the cabinets pushed its width from the standard 36ft to 38 ft.

The one pictured here is a three-car garage with a walkway curb and standard cabinets.

This layout accommodates room for a walkway, workbenches, and a utility closet without feeling to packed in.

To calculate your desired garage size

Take the typical dimensions of the garage you want e.g two or three-car garage. Then add the dimensions of any add ons e.g. cabinets, a curb, an alcove, and any work area space. This should give you your dimensions for your ideal garage.

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