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How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Home

Tried & True: The Color Wheel

The color wheel can be a good rule of thumb if you need a reference to what colors

compliment each other. Colors side by side on the color wheel will make each

other pop out. Colors opposite of each other complement one another e.g. red and green.

Work with the largest pattern

Don't pick your wall colors first. If you have a large piece e.g a colorful rug or painting work with it. It's easier to pick a color that matches your furniture than the other way around. Also, you can work with that large piece to continue to decorate by choosing the color you like from that piece and apply it when choosing other pieces in the room. It doesn't need to be an exact match just the same base pigment different shades of the same color keep it from looking too monochromatic. Choosing to stay within the same shades and colors gives the room a more soothing feel. This can be used typically in a bedroom or bathroom for an appealing look.


Neutral colors give elegance to a room.While white can make a room feel refreshing and clean. Neutrals are more than just white and greys, it can be toned down shades of any color. Adding splashes of bright color via a vase or pillow can break up the neutral feel of the room while still having an elegant feel.​

Cold Tones:

Painting with bright or cool colors e.g blues, greens and purples makes a room ​larger if you are working with a smaller room. If you're working with a bathroom, mudroom or even a small bedroom these colors can help make it feel larger. These colors can also provide a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Warm Tones:

Warm colors are red, yellows, and orange. These colors make a room feel warm and cozier. Due to this cozie feeling they can make a large room feel more personal. So, if you have a huge room you want to feel more intimate a warm palette is a good option. These colors give the emotion of vibrancy which make them a good option for rooms with a lot of activity e.g a kitchen or living room.

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