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How To Prepare For A Remodel

Ready for your remodel, but concerned about the stress during? This checklist will make you look back and think "well that wasn't too bad".

  1. Communicate with the right person. Your build will be a revolving door of contractors, & other workers talking to the right person can make your project so much smoother. Your job will have a project manager for you to discuss all your concerns with, and to take action about those concerns. Some Builders such as Custom Integrity Homes has an online portal to keep you updated & in contact with your project manager.

  2. Keep a digital file. This is good for inspiration pictures, contracts, receipts, and any other important documents. Make sure these are easily accessible so you can so your project manager should any questions arise. Consider a google drive folder on your phone or tablet.

  3. Clutter Cleanout. Having a cleaner space makes it easier for all parties involved, and is less you have to keep track of during the remodel.

  4. Take inventory for insurance. If something gets damaged or lost you have a list of everything for your insurance and can avoid the headache of trying to remember every item that was in your house.

  5. Update security. Your house will be full of contractors that are in and out all day. For your comfort install a few things such as a keypad, and camera.

  6. Have a plan for your pets, have somewhere for them to stay to avoid them getting out when you're not home.

  7. Decide what you need do you need your dining table to have six to eight chairs or can you store half of those. Limiting things that are out not only protects furniture but enables the team to work more quickly.

  8. Storage options: decide where you'll be storing things that need to be moved. A garage shed, or storage unit storing unnecessary things helps protect your items.

  9. Use up extras. Use up extra shampoo, food, frozen goods anything that takes up room. Your appliances may be off for a while so its best to use those extras while you can.

  10. Lastly, trust your team, they are professionals and want to build you your dream home as much as you want to live in it. Always look for quality builders when choosing your team, such as Custom Integrity Homes.

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