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Making an Energy Efficient Home

Let's be honest anyone would like to save money on utilities, but how do you do that without skimping out on hot water, constantly turning off lights, or unplugging appliances? Meet a more energy-efficient home...

Any home new or old can be an energy-efficient home whether you want your house to be totally off-grid or just save some money on your utilities. Having an energy-efficient home has the benefits of:

  • Lowering your energy bills.

  • Increase your comfort at home with less noise and better airflow.

  • Offering cleaner air.

  • Re-sale value an energy-efficient home maintains value a home with newer windows and other features attracts buyers.

You can make a home more energy efficient by investing in the following.

  • Seal any gaps in your windows and doors with caulking

  • replace windows with insulated energy efficient windows

  • Replace your light bulbs with LED lights

  • Replacing your water heater with a tankless or more energy-efficient water heater

  • Install new Energy Star model appliances (washer, dryer, and refrigerator) can reduce the amount of energy use by half.

  • If you're building a new house insulating it properly is a must. Meet with your building company such as Custom Integrity Homes, and talk about what options they offer for insulation and other energy-efficient appliance options they have.

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