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Pros & Cons Of A Finished Basement

Having a finished basement can have its ups & downs depending on your needs. Dive into them below and figure out what basement best fits your needs.


  • Increased resale value & faster sell

In the U.S. finishing, a basement gives up to a 75% return on investment, increasing your property value. For those who are potentially selling their home, a finished basement can give your sell number a boost.

  • Additional living space

A basement can provide an additional living space e.g a spare bedroom, living room etc. In addition to having an extra space finished basements are great for those who have a relative living/visiting with them or a child/teen that needs extra space.

  • Keeps out noise

Basements are good at containing noise which makes them perfect for a kid's playroom, or entertainment space. Not only that but having a kid's room can help keep unwanted items out of the rest of the house. For those who don't have kids, a basement can be a perfect home cinema that keeps noise in and lights out. Some home builders specialize in custom setups such as Custom Integrity Homes.

  • Offers plenty of room for expansions

A basement offers room for additions, rather than building onto your home you can expand into the basement for space your looking to add. This option is great for those who are thinking of adding an addition to their home. Renovating your basement can save on costly additions and your basement likely already works with your existing floor plan.


  • Higher utility bills

A larger house means a bigger utility bill. If you want to heat and cool your basement you may even have to get a larger air unit. This can be combated to some degree but for those who hate the idea of a higher utility bill, a finished basement might not be the best option.

  • Can be dark

Usually, basements are associated with the dark, because of the lack of natural light. However, this can be combated with proper lighting and small windows around the top of the room. This typical darkness can be taken advantage of for a home cinema.

  • Moisture problems

Many basements have moisture problems, this can quickly become a costly problem with mold and structural damage. However, this can be combated with a dehumidifier and other proper ventilation.

  • Lack of use

A basement can go unused many people will avoid going downstairs because its "too far" away. This can lead to basements becoming clutter disasters.

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