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Refreshing your Patio Space

1. Remove any large clutter or leaves. Place a tarp down and rake the clutter into the tarp to make clear

2. Painting or Pressure washing can give outdoor spaces a new feel.

Whether its wood or concreate a paint job or a good washing can have it looking new again.

3. CHOOSING FURNITURE: When shopping for furniture a few good rules of thumb are to go with low maintenance furniture (you'll thank yourself later). Save colorful pieces for splashes of color here and there e.g cushions, pillow or centerpieces. This will also make your color scheme easier to maintain.

4. PATHWAYS. Pathways work to divide up spaces in a backyard and create functional areas. If you're in need of way a cheap way is a gavel pathway it is the cheapest and easiest material to work with. You simply dig your path and fill it in w/ gavel. If your current Pathway needs some TLC simply fill in the area around your pathway with gravel or mulch for a satisfying look.

5. Add a Fire Pit & Hange some Lights. A fire pit is a great way to add some style to your backyard/patio area. There are countless DIY videos on youtube to make it even easier.

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