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How to Build A Luxury Home on A Budget

Save on finishes & spend on the plan

Save on finishes e.g. faucets, door handles, etc. There are many cheaper options for

expensive finishes that look similar. Spend on having a quality floor plan. Make sure you are happy with your floor plan because at the end of the day this will be what impacts your day to day life the most.

Get estimates

Talk to home builders in your area, and get estimates from them. Cheaper doesn't always mean better, ask what is included in each builder's estimate, and choose accordingly.


Be aware of cheap lots, spend money on a quality lot. Costs to prepare a lot can quickly become more expensive than other lots that are ready to build on. You can find an article here about what to look for in a lot.

Talk to your builder

Talk to your builder about your budget, many builders are aware of cheaper materials and they are aware of what average prices are which enables them to get the best prices for you.

Look for cheap finishes you can customize

Look a finishes that are easy to change. For instance handles or faucets that look good but need a different color. Colors are easy to change with a can of spray paint.

Consider used appliances

Appliances have a markup if you can find lightly used appliances it can save a big chunk of change.

Take a note from tiny houses

It's no secret that the smaller the home the smaller the price tag. Take a note from tiny houses they build homes with very usable spaces to make up for the lack of space. Talk to your builder about having spaces that are very functional to help cut down of square footage. You can find ideas for life-changing storage here.

Build tall, not wide

When building a home custom trusts com into play after 32 feet deep, which will only cause costs to go up. However, if you build up your trusts will be able to stay the same.

Invest in quality

Invest in energy-efficient materials they will help to save money in the long run by lowering your utility bill. Also, they will help stabilize your house's electricity and internal temperatures.

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Jul 17, 2023

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