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Selecting a building lot - The Complete Checklist

So you're ready to build a home, well you can't build without the land so let's get into the nitty-gritty of lot selection.


When looking at purchasing a lot, take a look at its location. Look at factors such as;

Commute Times:

It would be good to drive your commute route during your typical commute

times. Make sure your new commute route won't be something that bothers

you after you move.

School districts:

Now even if you don't have children, look at the school district if you do end

up staying in that area after you have kids ensure that you're comfortable

with your children attending that school.


We've briefly discussed restrictions before in last week's article. Take a

careful look at any restrictions on your lot and ensure it will not conflict with

the house you want to build.


Don't be tempted by a cheap lot. A lot that requires an extensive amount of prep work

before building can quickly become more expensive than a lower-priced lot.

Removing rocks and trees can quickly add to costs. As well as building on a hill can

be more costly than building on a flat lot.

Street Location

Take a look at how your home will sit on the lot, it can greatly affect how your driveway

will be. We can all remember a time when you're trying to get out of someone's

driveway and you just feel like "could they have done it any worse??"


Get in contact with your utility provider and find out if they offer services in that area.

If they do not offer services look at other providers to figure out if utilities can be

hooked up.

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