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10 Tips For Building A Home - Tips & Tricks To Save You $$$

Have a floor plan

Having a floor plan makes moving forward with your build much easier. Avoid key floor plan mistakes to ensure a good floor plan. This will help to streamline your project and have a clear goal moving forward.

Get an estimate

Get an estimate from your builder before moving forward. This will not only help you be prepared for upcoming costs but will ensure you have a clear number when getting financing.

Consider Building Locations

Look at neighborhoods you would like to live in. What fits your needs would you rather live in the city so you can be close to town, or in the country where there are fewer building restrictions. Review this article to get tips & tricks for picking the perfect lot.

Pick the right builder

You will be working very closing with your builder for months, review your builder to ensure you pick the best one. Be sure you are comfortable talking to your builder about your concerns, and that they are easily accessible.

Know what's included in your price

Know what exactly is included in "base" costs. Each builder has different base charges to find out what will cause an up charge and what won't.

Get financing

Before going forward with any builder, get your financing in line. This will make for a smoother process and you'll have to have financing before any builder will start work.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop with your project manager, this will ensure you are up to date with any changes or mistakes made.

Buy low maintenance materials

Low maintenance materials are not only easier to keep looking like new but usually pay for themselves in the long run.

Consider the lot lines

Consider where your lot lines are. If someone builds next to you how close will they be, will your lot affect your floor plan?

Don't overbuild

Don't overbuild your house for the neighborhood. Building a very nice house in a bad neighborhood will only decrease your resale value.

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